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Nature Treasure Hunt = The Nature Library

  • Nature Treasure Hunt = The Nature Library
  • Nature Treasure Hunt = The Nature Library

Kids Activity Pack
Nature Treasure Hunt

For hours of fun and learning in nature!

There are so many treasures to find in nature...

You’ll have to use your owl-eyes to find all the treasure on this hunt! Take your loot bag and your treasure hunting list and head outside – how many treasures will you find and what can you create with them!?

This adventure can be used over and over, just pick a new nature-space and go hunt, you'll always discover something new!

Kids Activity Pack includes:
I’m Adventuring sticker, Treasure Bag, and full-colour info booklet with Nature Treasure List.

Recommended Age: 3-11 years (younger kids may need an awesome adult assistant)

Kids need Nature:
Connecting with nature builds confidence and resilience, it improves mental, social and physical health; it encourages creativity and creative play. Being in nature promotes a sense of wonder, joy and happiness – who doesn’t want that for their kids!

Nature needs Kids:
When kids connect with and experience nature they naturally learn about, understand and love it! This love of nature translates to caring and protecting nature. Kids really are the future and nature needs them!

Kathy is an Environmental Educator and the founder of Nature Library! She is a qualified and experienced environmental educator with a Master’s Degree in Education, Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

Kathy has spent her life learning about, exploring and working in nature; She loves sharing the magic of nature with kids of all ages, and seeing the benefits to them and nature as a result of their experiences.