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LITTLE LACER - fine motor fun

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  • LITTLE LACER - fine motor fun
  • LITTLE LACER - fine motor fun
  • LITTLE LACER - fine motor fun
  • LITTLE LACER - fine motor fun
  • LITTLE LACER - fine motor fun

Our own design, made locally with environmentally friendly bamboo. Little Lacers are light weight and strong, making them perfect for small hands, handbags + carry on luggage.

As a teacher, I designed Little Lacer boards to help develop the fine motor skills needed for school readiness. In the New Entrant classroom, I was noticing little fingers not yet ready for pencil use and wondered what I could do to encourage muscle development, making a child’s transition to school easier. This is my design to encourage threading, creating and to give children ownership of what’s been created. It’s open-ended play, there is no right or wrong.

The Little Lacer helps strengthen the pincer + tripod fine motor grip as well as develop hand-eye coordination. These skills enable little learners to cut with more accuracy when using scissors and experience pencil success at school.

Little Lacers can be used again and again, they are built strong to last. The Little Lacer can be kept for siblings and handed on for other children to enjoy.

Make a pattern or create an original design. When your Little Lacer design is finished - just like a real artist - sign your work using the MADE BY tag and hang it up for everyone to see (use pencil which can be rubbed away).
Use string or wool in the hanging holes at the top and hang your work up gallery style.

We use cotton laces for younger children to enable easy threading but older children may enjoy the challenge of threading a needle and using different thicknesses of wool, cotton or ribbon to experiment and create.

Our cotton laces are 100-120 cm, a good length for designs but not too long for little hands.

The Little Lacer is designed for children aged 3 and over due to the small tag and laces. The small tag may be a choking hazard and the laces should not be used around the neck, fingers or other parts of the body. ONLY USE WITH ADULT SUPERVISION.

Each board measures: 14 x 16.5 x 0.4 cm and weighs 50 grams with a MADE BY tag.


---- School set ----
Bamboo boards and laces to suit your learner needs
contact us to discuss your needs

----Little Lacer BOARD + TAG —-
1x bamboo board
1x MADE BY tag

——Little Lacer MINI set——
1x bamboo board
1x MADE BY tag
3x cotton laces (please tell us your colour choices)
1x cotton drawstring bag