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Card Games for Kids

  • Card Games for Kids
  • Card Games for Kids
  • Card Games for Kids
  • Card Games for Kids
  • Card Games for Kids

Play Memory, Go Fish and Snap. Use them as flash cards or find things that begin with 'd' like the dog. Little learners will love playing card games with you.

This box of card games will delight and inspire. The graphics are simple, colourful and bold. These beautiful graphics are labelled, linking the written sounds and word to the picture.

Playing games encourages problem-solving and communication. Taking turns is a big learning step for some... winning is easy but how does your little one deal with disappointment? Playing games builds resilience. Each time you play games with your child, they are developing their skills.

Included: 20 pictures, 40 cards (including instructions) 5 games in total!
5 games including: Memory, Fish, Snap and great for Flashcards!

Cards are 110mm wide x 140mm high with rounded corners, printed in full colour on white cardstock and laminated on both sides to help with wear and tear. Enviroboard cardbox is also laminated to keep your cards looking newer for longer.

Rhi is the designer and creator of Rhicreative, a boutique range of greeting cards, gift tags, calendars, stationery, gift wrap and art prints designed and produced in Australia. Rhicreative blends her skills in printmaking, art, and design into a unique range of homewares, greeting cards and stationery.

Rhi is passionate about coming up with new designs.