About Me

Hello and welcome to this little corner of the world. I’m so pleased that you're here. I'm Nicole; mother, teacher and play-based learning enthusiast. I love teaching + learning, hand-crafted goodness and sharing the creative talents I find - local or international, the makers and creators!

I have taught in New Zealand schools for over 18 years and have taught mostly New Entrant and Junior classes during that time. The first year of school is really quite special for children and their families. As a teacher, it's an exciting time too. Children often come to school knowing only how to write their name and by the end of their first year, they're writing sentences and reading independently; full of smiles and confidence, loving school.

My goal in starting Little Playhouse Co. is to make school readiness and the transition to school a smooth process. Starting school is an exciting and anxious time for children and their parents.

I'm always happy to connect... the contact link connects us directly via email if you have any questions or just want to say hello. If I am teaching, I may be a little slower to get back to you.

Happy learning, 
Nicole x